Purpose of this presentation  is to help you get a marketing plan that will help you generate free leads, traffic, build an email list , reach your target market and increase sales.

You will learn:
*  How to set up a new Facebook account
*  Social Media Etiquette (this will make or break you)
*  What to post
*  How to choose your target market
*  How to Connect with People
*  Why You Need to Create a Fan Pages & How You Can Get An Affordable Fan Page
*  How to Promote your Fan Page
*  What is a Facebook Group
*  Facebook Marketplace (how to post free ads)
*  Facebook Advertising  (PPC and CPM)
*  Facebook Advertising Coupons
*  Creating An Event


I have found great people to do some of my social media work for $2.00 a hour! 

Sample ad:
I am looking for a social media expert/assistance. 
Requirement:  must speak good English
Daily Tasks:
Adding Friends on Facebook (from relevant,
targeted Facebook Groups)
Joining relevant, targeted Facebook groups
Accepting Friends requests
Creating Facebook Pages 
Posting Updates on Facebook Account walls
Posting Updates on Facebook Pages walls
Inviting friends to like your pages

*  Be a good manager
*  Have them write out what they are doing for you.
*  Track their results. 
*  Are your  likes growing?
*  Are they posting on your wall?

Find someone that is passionate about what you are marketing.
Make sure that you ask them how they are going to obtain "likes" and grow your fan page.
Make sure it's U.S. Traffic.
Make sure you let them know that you want to build a long term relationship with the right person.

Our experience has shown that AWeber has one of the highest delivery rates that we have seen. There is a reason for this. AWeber is not only a leader in auto responders, but they have a very good relationship with major Internet Service Providers. You can have as many email lists that you want with one AWeber account. You could use one account across multiple sites or for multiple purpose within one site if you want. All of this for under $19 per month.

Click here to find more about AWeber: http://tinyurl.com/2atyjzm

Download your free action plan(created in Power Point).
If you do not have powerpoint you can download www.openoffice.org

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