"The years are going to come and go anyway...might as well build a business for you and your family  today so in a few years, you can be celebrating oppose to regretting."

   - Janie Jones

Janie Jones
The birth of an entrepreneur

Janie was a stay at home mom and enjoying raising her 2 sons (Dean and Nick).   She enjoyed being at home but found herself  frustrated watching her husband work 60 hours a week and still not having financial freedom.   Then, in 2003 Janie made the decision that changed her life forever. She decided to start her own homebased business.  " Michael and I  finally realized that we were never going to get ahead working for someone else".

Believing in Yourself
Janie started working her busines and hung in there regardless of the many obsticles she experienced. Starting a homebased business and raising her two sons was not easy. “I trusted myself. This was my path. I listened to my heart and knew that this was what I was supposed to do.  Soon enough I figured it out.” And that’s when the business started to move in the right direction.

Without a mentor or coach to guide her, Janie immersed herself in books and courses on marketing, success, and prosperity. Working from her living room, she harnessed the power of online marketing to build her business. It appealed to her because it was low-cost, had a broad reach, and she could work from home.

Her Intuitions Paid off
Janie  went from being a stay at home mom to becoming the #1 income earner in her company and has earned over a million dollars in her homebased business.

The Mission...
Janie is set to leave an indelible mark in the minds of people across America.  She'll  take more people on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship to experience the freedom of choices for their families that they have always wanted.

Janie and Michael Jones being inducted into The Million Dollar Club